Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood, one of my favorite actors. I think I'm gonna ink this later when I have time. I surprised myself when I drew this, didn't expect to get it so close to his likeness. On to the next one

Friday, January 13, 2012

First Digital Painting

I found a place where I can use Wacoms for free, so I went there today to practice Digital Painting which I've been interested in, but never had the means to attempt. Yoji Shinkawa is a phenomenal painter who I've taken recent interest in, and a this is hardly does his great work justice, but I felt like uploading this for two reasons, one, I want more colorful illustrations on this blog, and two, to remind my future self of my humble beginnings in the digital painting field. Expect more paintings and more improvements

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Here's a panel from a test run of my comic that I did over summer of 2011. Just felt like it deserved a shout.

Sydney Cheveyo

This is a quick sketch of a character from a comic I reaaaaaaalllllyyyy want to bring to life. it's quick and not... it's not the best I can do. I just did it yesterday at like 2:30AM when I should've been doing homework. Yeah, it's one of those drawings haha.

A View From Turner Boulevard

Pretty Self X. Done in roughly 20 mins whilst waiting for the bus to take me home.

Figure Drawing

This is a figure I drew in class this morning. I kinda liked aspects of it that now look less impressive, but I still feel it's worth uploading.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Kid from waffle house

We ate at waffle house on the way back, and I decided to draw this kid who was eating with his friends.

En Route to South Carolina

On the left side are some random thoughts, the two figures were experimenting with drawing the torso first and then then the limbs and then the head. On the right I drew my friend who was driving us to South Carolina.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My friend

New Year's Eve Party, I drew my friend in brush pen just to see if I could do it... =)

My mom, a stranger, and a sword

On the left is my mom also drawn at a restaurant in brush pen as I so clearly stated. On the right is a woman who was eating at a different restaurant. The sword is a design that I once knew like the back of my hand, I just randomly drew it for the convenience of my friend.

My Dad

My parents took me out to eat, and while the food was being cooked, I decided to draw my dad with the crayons provided by the restaurant.


Sketch I did for a project that is currently underway, using gouache paint and pencil.

Dentist Chair

I was in the waiting room at the dentist's office and I took advantage of that time to draw one of the chairs.


I did this mainly because I was tired of black and white drawings and I rediscovered some oil pastels in my supply bag. So I looked up a picture of a landscape and tried to recreate the color I saw.

Skeleton and Clown

Here's a pencil sketch that I did randomly to practice the skeleton. I did that part of it without reference and it turned in to a fantastical creature rather than an actual study. The clown was added later when I tried to draw how I was feeling. I think it was trying to convey anger or frustration or confusion or some combination of them.


A self portrait I did last september with pencil and ink. I think I wanted to make the portrait surreal-ish. I don't remember exactly what I my objective was other than to keep myself drawing.