Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sunday School Doodles

 I drew some kids in the class
And a goofy looking batman.  twas fun tho haha

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Village Massacre

For one of the projects I'm working on I needed to practice drawing scenes of abject horror. Such as the one below. It's obviously not ready for prime time but it was my first try. There will be several more until I make something that is both impossible to look at or look away from. Something that is so horribly disturbing it will take me an abnormal amount of time to draw it. I'm not doing this to be gross or whatever, but you really need to feel the impact at this point of the story. The story that my friend has written delivers, but my drawings can't convey the horror and sorrow that you need to be feeling from this image. I'll get it soon tho.

Captain Marvel

Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of it when I'd finished the skin tones because I had to finish it quickly before I gave it away. Anywho, here's the pencils ...


And Almost Finished piece...

Sketches from the week

 ^^ These are characters for projects that are currently underway. some I've been focusing on more closely than other, but each will eventually have it's glorious day in the sun.
 Just the top left head, you can ignore the rest
Just the glasses head, you can ignore the rest haha

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Captain Marvel vs Captain Marvel/ Shazaam

My English teacher likes these characters, so I figured I'd draw them for him since he's been more than lenient with my grades haha. Here's the thumbnail for the piece below...

And Here's the sneak preview of the pencils (which I will finish and upload tomorrow)
Yay for cleaner lines than usual!!

Mall Rats

My friends and I decided to hit up the mall two days ago and this is some of the stuff I drew on the trip.

Monday, August 6, 2012


 Drawn on a paper bag at a restaurant
 This one too

Class notes

Figure Drawings

 I wanted to revisit my figure drawing and other basics because I don't like my work lately. I figure revisiting the basics will help me diagnose the issue I'm having with my art. Anywho, here are some figures I drew over last week.

^ 11 mins each
 ^ This one I'm fairly proud of because it was a 30 second gesture and probably the best one I've done as well.
^ I think these are also 11s
These are the heads of some people I drew yesterday in Church. im not sure how long each was