Friday, January 24, 2014

Here's a lotta sketches

Sorry for the wait, I've been too busy/ lazy to upload anything. So here's a huge dump encompassing select stuff from January 5th til now.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Big ole big ole dump

Been away for a while, but I've never been more attached to my sketchbook, so a big ole dump is long since due

 This  ^ Drawing is terrible hahaha I spent like an hour on it.

 This ^ Drawing is pretty cool  hahaha I spent like 20 minutes on it AFTER spending an hour on ^^ that failure
 I like drawing bars, lots of  character and characters in a bar.

 I like the deer's face and the Fox-penguin

 This^ is a character for an anthology that I may or may not be getting into. I'll draw his story regardless, but he may also be re-purposed as a character in one of my other stories. 
 Watched the movie "The Chaser." They cursed alot

 My roomate has become a character in a story of mine. The character's name is Gene Johnba
 Random sketches of people
This is Riley, a character for a story of mine called "SR?" his story will be taking flight shortly, because I am drawing it for class. This was my first drawing of him