Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Illustration homework

For class, I had to draw a scene in a cemetery. I shotgunned the whole assignment from thumbnails to finish for 7.5 hours from last night to early this morning. yay.


I'm in a blog with some other artists doin weekly posts just to keep us busy and connected. the blog is called PunchFate!! this is my submission for last week's topic which was to define what punching someone in the fate means. This is the first post on punchfate, so naturally everyone was late, but as time goes on, we'll have bigger and better posts on time and whatnot.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I've Been a Bit Busy. . .

Below are some of my latest sketches, I have TONS more to upload, most of which are at my apartment, and I still have lots of other projects to finish, I just felt that I was neglecting my blog and by extension people  who follow my blog and I don't want to let you guys down lol, so here's a little teaser. I'm hoping to be done everything that requires my utmost attention by this weekend so I can upload the rest of the junk I've been drawing. Hang in there! I'll be back to a normal uploading rate soon!!

New Sketchbook = New SketchDump

 The pen sketches on the left are pen sketches. The top two of the bike and the bench are experimenting with laying pen on copic and copic on pen. The drawing on the left is water-soluble graphite and water-soluble colored pencil. The RENDR sketchbook buckles a bit but water-based media is still somewhat usable. The paper on the eye of the creature had the top layer ripped off because it got wet and I wanted to see how far this sketchbook could go, so I tore off the top layer and colored part of it with both sharpie and copic marker. NO BLEED. this sketchbook is amazing

pen sketches except for the sketch of the girl on the bottom left and the two dude on the right and some letters. I need to draw more foliage

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Sketchbook!

I got a new sketchbook called RENDR by Crescent. It's absolutely fantastic for everything that isn't water. (granted it can do watercolor and water-soluble stuff, but you can't go super hard on it) however for inks and heavy markers like Copics, it holds and DOES NOT BLEED THROUGH. You can sit there and layer Copic on top of it for days and it WILL NOT BLEED!! I don't secretly work for them or anything, but I was skeptical about their bleedproof claim and was blown away by how correct it was. So this is the first page of this new sketchbook.