Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I reallllllly want to do a Batman comic centering around Scarecrow. I was always into Halloween themed scary stuff so Scarecrow and Manbat were at the top of my favorite villains list as a kid. I've been toying with a story idea for this, and this is my first attempt at drawing Scarecrow. I want to get something REALLY, truly TERRIFYING for the final piece. Needless to say, I'm a long ways from that goal. But a decent start methinks.

Watercolor Pencil "EXPERIMENT ALL"

I picked up a watercolor moleskin to follow up the presentation James Gurney gave. I'm gonna be adding stuffs to this sketchbook periodically. I want to get good with my watercolor pencils.

Fun Sketches

 For the above, I was inspired by Eric Canete's recent blog posts. I wanted to try and design a character too, and only got as far as the head.

 James Gurney came to my school and did a presentation and demonstration on drawing things that don't exist. I took real notes this time.

Notes continued.


All flawed, but all mistakes have shown me how better to deal with future attempts

 Tried out a Sable Series 7 #2 for this page. Bleh. I like the brush, but I'm no good with it

 This is from a marker I'd never seen or heard of prior. I like the kinds of lines this one marker can give me

 This is that same marker.

 too thick with the lines

 expressive poses

I want to explore the muscle zipper idea for a piece

I like the long nose guy sorta.

Hulk Copic Study

Pretty Self-X just playing with layering. I need to invest in some more of these nuggets of awesome.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New Self Portrait. Ocean Splash!

Heyyyy it's been a while since my last post, but I've had a rollercoaster of a time trying to get an apartment and trying to sort out difficulties and obstacles in my life. Nothing major, but it was enough to keep me from posting. But not from drawing. I'll be uploading more at a later date cuz I'm still swamped with stuff I want to do vs stuff I need to do vs stuff I have time to do blah blah. Lol so there'll be a sketchdump somewhere in the future as well as a few pieces.

This is what I can spare for the moment. A quick self portrait. Pretty fun. Pretty flawed. Pretty improved from my first pieces of the summer, so I'm happy for the moment.