Sunday, November 24, 2013

Shark Fighter Warm Up Sketch

warm up from today. I'm gonna be drawing my pants off everyday this winter in preparation for the real world which is coming to get me soon, and Kim Jung Gi who is coming to a city near me even sooner. For both events I want to be in top form and pushing top form further than the ceiling. To get  to a level like that, I've decided to go hammer time all the time. Remember that Shonen Jump comic I was doing? Yeah, Thats gonna be finished (drawing) in another two weeks or less if I go as hard now as I did when I was making it. Further more, theres a bunch of experimental paintings and mixed media works in the pipeline and pages upon pages of new stuff. Anywho, one thing at a time, here's a warm up sketch from today, changes will be made to it but later. I'm excited for this break tho. I'm gonna do more in this break than I've done this entire year, at least that's how I feel we'll see. I keep getting sidetracked, here's the sketch I'm done talking

Monday, November 4, 2013


Drawn on Clayboard, wish I had resized a few things here, but oh wellski.