Monday, September 30, 2013

Watercolor Sketchbooookk

started a sketchbook for Scientific Illustration class. Gonna fill this bad boy up with experimental stuffs  particularly dealing with wet media. This should be a really cool book when it's done.

Tan Tone Skratches!!

This is mostly me just trying to get better at coloring


Due to unforseen events and school, I won't be able to complete my Shonen Jump entry in time for the contest deadline, but I will still be completing it and uploading it here and on deviantart as soon as it's complete. In the meantime, I'm gonna be getting back to posting regularly even moreso than before because doing this manga has helped me to see some of my flaws as an artist and a storyteller that I will be fixing with more pages and more sketching. Thanks for bearing with me thus far, hopefully I'll be able to get the Shonen Jump comic online in another week or two.