Thursday, February 23, 2012

Doodling in Astronomy

I started drawing the girl in the upper left during class, I got upset at how not good it was, then I drew the angry version of me with RAGE written behind him. I couldn't think of a way to fill up the bottom of the page with a figure so I threw more text on it. I was never great with graff writing, but I dabble when I can. Just a good old fashion doodle for those who don't pay attention in class.

Gestures and Figures

 This is is some figure drawing I did in the computer lab, I started the two furthest to the left as blind contours and went over them with blue. the big guy was a continuous line that I stretched and distorted to make him fit in the composition. the rest are brush pen blind contour gestures I did. I wanted to make my gesture and figure drawing practice into a piece rather than a jumble of figures. This is my first attempt at it.
 Blind Contours on the left page, a drawing of a pizza place on the right with two half-assed figures inserted from a different scene.
The works in blue are continuous line, the red and graphite are blind contours, the green is half blind, the one eyed creature is a random doodle. I lowered the contrast on the first and third images of this set to help the red show through. I like doing blind contours, I think it's fun.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nate Oceans

This is a Copic Study that I did over the last day and a half. Pretty busy I know, but I LOVE using copics. More to come and I may even go back and edit this one. We'll see.