Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ink Sketches II

Thisis my last post until October 2nd at the earliest. Sorry, but I gotta focus to get the Jump comic done on time. Anywho, these sketches are from the beginning of the summer, so from about June 30th to around mid-July.

Imaginary figure.

Household object.

Imaginary Landscape...

Restaurant interior, assignment called for exterior... ooops.


 One hour bear.

If I had a celebrity crush Milla Jovovich would be it. I enjoy her films. I drew this in an hour, so it's unfinished, one day I'll finish it, but I kinda like it as is.

 This was an in-class assignment that where we were supposed to draw the woman in the photo. I started it and quickly got sidetracked

This one was interesting because the teacher had us draw it in stages. He had us draw it almost completely blurred out and upside down and that made the marks we made very interesting, it also forced us to go back and forth with blacks and whites to try and compensate for the ever-shifting image.

Throwaway Sketches

I got some new materials from a friend of mine, so I was testing em out. I only uploaded the Pencil pages because the rest are either smudged or straight up unintelligible. Fun stuff regardless.

Tone Skratches

More dabblings from my tone sketchbook. I'm trying to expand my colors and character design, so lots of color stuff and lots of shape work. I should be okay by the end of this book, it's still very early in the book, haven't even cleared 20 pages yet and I've had it a month. Slowly but surely I'll turnaround some good drawings I think.

 I saw the white figure above in a dream. When she noticed that I noticed her, she instantly got in my face and made the face to the right of her figure and screamed loudly. I awoke slightly alarmed.

 I drew the above today!

 Some thumbnails for the Riddick piece and other stuffs

Colors colors colors. Soon as I'm done with my Shonen Jump entry, I'm gonna do a LOT of color work. Definitely try and get a better handle on that.

Ink Sketches I

Experiments with Paper and Inking Tools From the past two weeks some more successful than others, All fun

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Stuff is coming

So there will be another blog post tomorrow with a few new pages from my sketchbooks, but the next two weeks will be spent largely on getting my Shonen Jump comic entry completed, so don't count on too many posts until After October 1st. I will post my entire Shonen Jump comic here and on Deviantart once it's completed, but my focus has to be on it for the rest of this month and all of next, so please bear with me in this time of not really posting a lot. Hopefully tomorrow's sketches and inkwork will keep you satisfied until the comic is complete. Thanks for understanding

Animation Final

Here's the first test for my animation final

And here's what I'm turning in. This to is something I'd like to turn into a portfolio worthy piece

Frog Attack

This is an animation I did for class this quarter. later on I'll be tightening up and eventually coloring, I'd like to have an animation portfolio in case some studio needs an extra pair of hands.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Riddick Rule the Dark

for the deviantart contest. I don't think I'll win, but it doubles as practice so I'm not too too concerned. Still, would be nice to have a few extra bucks in my pockets...

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tone Sketchbook Skratchdump

I really haven't been on top of updating my media sites, but I draw at least a little bit everyday. Anywho, here's some stuff from late July to earlier August. I'm working out of 2 sketchbooks and several pads of bristol this quarter, so I'm not making a huge dent in this sketchbook just yet. Soon. Very soon I'm gonna be able to let loose and murder this book.

the Lumberjack

I thought I had posted this already. more playing around with inking stuffs trying to get a style down.

Monday, August 12, 2013


Trying to solidify a style for a comic I'm gonna do very soon. I think I'm close to getting my desired result. few more studies like this and I should have it.