Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Axperimental Ebstractions 1

 ^This is a pen and sharpie exercise. The red head took me the most amount of time and sucks worst which I found surprising. the middle head underneath it started as a blind contour which I abstracted into the cartoony character you see.
 ^These people were drawn at a Costco's while my parents shopped around in pen, and colored later with colored pencil.
 I drew aspects from figures that interested me. Trying something different than what I normally do.
This is a creature I drew today when a friend of mine described his Ouija board experience to me. Kinda represents the vibe his story gave me

Axperimental Ebstractions is kinda my Daily sketch thing, I want to mess with compositions and forms and create things and colors that I haven't thought of doing yet.

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