Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Sketchbook = New SketchDump

 The pen sketches on the left are pen sketches. The top two of the bike and the bench are experimenting with laying pen on copic and copic on pen. The drawing on the left is water-soluble graphite and water-soluble colored pencil. The RENDR sketchbook buckles a bit but water-based media is still somewhat usable. The paper on the eye of the creature had the top layer ripped off because it got wet and I wanted to see how far this sketchbook could go, so I tore off the top layer and colored part of it with both sharpie and copic marker. NO BLEED. this sketchbook is amazing

pen sketches except for the sketch of the girl on the bottom left and the two dude on the right and some letters. I need to draw more foliage

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