Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Turning Point(s)

This piece started out being a multi-page goodbye to my sucky drawings of the past, but I couldn't stand the pages at the end and they're barren because of it. So while I do think this was a turning point in my sketchbook drawings, it won't be as grand as I'm sure it would like to be.

Here's all the pages poorly alligned in photoshop^^

And below is a look at the individual pages...

The page on the right was a salute to my influences, you'll note the works of katsuhiro otomo, james harren, tradd moore and takehiko inoue. There are more artists that I love, but those were the ones who I decided to study at the time.

Never got around to finishing these pages, don't plan on it either. I got too hung up trying to make these pages the ultimate whatever and I can't work that way haha.

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