Wednesday, April 10, 2013

More Skratches

Practicing putting figures down in perspective, and practicing the cyrillic alphabet. It's wrong as written here. I got a revised version that will be in my later pages I'm sure.

Skratches from in class. There's a couple cool things going on here. In the top right is a conversation between me and this kid in class, I looked through his sketchbook, which was good, but FULL of penises. so I was like you're good cept for that stuff, then he said what he said. Over on the left there's a weird demon looking face with a bunch of weird teeth. That was inspired by a gnarly tree trunk that I saw while waiting for the bus. below that is a dude with a crustean-like claw arm. Below that are the words "Pistol Shrimp" Youtube that bad boy if you don't already know what it's about, easily one of the most badass creatures in existence. And finally to the right of that is a drawing a a kid in class that I really like. Definitely feel like I caught him fairly well, unlike everyone else on the page.

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