Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ink Sketches II

Thisis my last post until October 2nd at the earliest. Sorry, but I gotta focus to get the Jump comic done on time. Anywho, these sketches are from the beginning of the summer, so from about June 30th to around mid-July.

Imaginary figure.

Household object.

Imaginary Landscape...

Restaurant interior, assignment called for exterior... ooops.


 One hour bear.

If I had a celebrity crush Milla Jovovich would be it. I enjoy her films. I drew this in an hour, so it's unfinished, one day I'll finish it, but I kinda like it as is.

 This was an in-class assignment that where we were supposed to draw the woman in the photo. I started it and quickly got sidetracked

This one was interesting because the teacher had us draw it in stages. He had us draw it almost completely blurred out and upside down and that made the marks we made very interesting, it also forced us to go back and forth with blacks and whites to try and compensate for the ever-shifting image.

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