Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tone Skratches

More dabblings from my tone sketchbook. I'm trying to expand my colors and character design, so lots of color stuff and lots of shape work. I should be okay by the end of this book, it's still very early in the book, haven't even cleared 20 pages yet and I've had it a month. Slowly but surely I'll turnaround some good drawings I think.

 I saw the white figure above in a dream. When she noticed that I noticed her, she instantly got in my face and made the face to the right of her figure and screamed loudly. I awoke slightly alarmed.

 I drew the above today!

 Some thumbnails for the Riddick piece and other stuffs

Colors colors colors. Soon as I'm done with my Shonen Jump entry, I'm gonna do a LOT of color work. Definitely try and get a better handle on that.

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