Monday, June 17, 2013


I'm currently in California and there's some family of ours that lives out here that used to live close by where we live in PA. We came out to visit them for a bit and then vacation so while we were with them, I drew up some gifts for them, these are those. I didn't have access to a scanner so you'll have to live with my sister's phone pics (which are significantly better than mine).

 This is my favorite. I started it with a totally different idea and I couldn't make it work in pencil, so I grabbed my brush and some ink and said "I give up, you guys figure something out for me" and this is what they came out with.

 It's Hulk Hogan. I didn't realize that until after I finished it,  but it literally is a Hulk version of Hogan.

I thought this one was sloppy and uninspired. It was the first one I did of these three.

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