Sunday, June 23, 2013


Had two weeks on, averaged around 2.5 pages everyday. Pretty happy with that level of productivity, but no that I'm back in school, I'm planning to push those numbers and push the quality of my sketches as well as put a LOT more finished work on the table.

^I was drawing with my friend Dan, he drew everything that's upside down.

Looking at James Jean's sketchwork a lot

This comic is about the flight from PHL to LAX.

Playing with a new brush.

Above and Below are from two different museums, one of WWII aviation and the other a collection of Earth Art. Both had design elements and shapes that I want study further.

This is a very strange piece. I don't know what was going on haha I just wanted to draw something outrageous and I think I succeeded a bit.

In the Bottom Left Corner was a Russian Girl who I was only able to capture in her right eye. That is what her eye looked like, but I didn't get a chance to finish it because her and her family had to catch their flight. I enjoyed listening to them talk even though I couldn't follow the conversation very well.

Hodge Podge of stuff the creature in the center is kind cool and the brush thing in the corner I want to expand on.

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